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  1. I M T R A S Hツ

    did u even try buying a new car with 500$? or did u just waste all of 500$

  2. Anthony Collins

    Just Binged watched every video

  3. magnumpunch

    I'm so happy for your achievements, your passion is permeative

  4. Mathieu Deguzman

    Chris: ooooooooooooright

  5. ItsCraftPlayz

    Me watching as a kid: :O this will help me in the future thx

  6. LJTowers

    7,000 people didn't get the joke

  7. CruisingAfterDark

    Nice 🙌 gotta try this

  8. Shadow Gaming


  9. Slav Gaming Media

    Hey Chris will you add those colored smoke tires to the DriftStang and a turbo or supercharger with a kit and a wing??

  10. Jacob Bell

    When you hit 10mil you should do a face reaveal

  11. iAm Wolfie

    4:53 id like a better look at those plugs but they seem to indicate a lean condition.


    guys guys BRIAN'S GRIFFIN CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shadows' Car Reviews and Walkies!


  14. jaymeez

    I’ve never once in my life cleaned a IAC. I’ve simply sprayed throttle body cleaner directly i to the Throttle Body and it’s always done the trick. Idle smoothed out perfectly

  15. Moqujinn n

    I miss the driftstang, chris..

  16. Acchu Acchu

    does the disappeared scratches appear again after washing the car??????

  17. Omar Faruk Shawon

    Why do i watch these. I don't even have a car or a bike. Just like my father.

  18. Jaja Reco

    Hi Chris, i want to ask something, after i rub a clean cloth with acid rain remover to side mirrors, 1 side got cloudy and foggy look. how to solve it?

    1. ChrisFix

      I would use some glass cleaner and that should clear it up!

  19. Master Amv

    I can't be the only 1 to just enjoy the videos that Chris drives in right🤔

    1. ChrisFix

      I love driving in the videos too!

  20. Cooldude Youtube

    What if when your using the ratchet or the thingy you turn it to much?

    1. ChrisFix

      You could snap the head or strip the threading!

  21. Charles Nunes

    My car hasnt completed 5000 miles but its been a year since i changed its oil ....shd i change the oil..??

    1. ChrisFix

      I would check your owners manual for a specific time requirement to change your oil (usually they have it listed as "6 months or 5,000 miles" or similar!)

  22. Vinz Pacifico

    Sir can you discuss about Automatic transmision grinding sound. What are the causes? Im driving 40 to 50 kl/h .with my car. And i experiencing that grinding sound. And its hard to verify which part off engine .

    1. ChrisFix

      It could just be that it's low on fluid, or a synchronizer or gear is damaged. Is the transmission acting fine?

  23. Jack L

    I seen your face

    1. ChrisFix

      You have? :o

  24. صديق الٲحلام

    Wowwwww Great Work❤

    1. ChrisFix


  25. Cooldude Youtube

    Do or will you ever drive or race in the del sol in your videos?

    1. ChrisFix

      Maybe soon!

  26. qi ming

    why e-85 is 85% ethanol?

  27. Terry F

    I do not have one of these, I do not plan to get one, but I have to say that this was probably the best quality and most informative DIY video I have ever seen.

  28. Vladimir

    Hey chris what do you think about miatas. Just picked up a 92 miata for 1700 with about 150k miles.

  29. Sharon Browder

    Thanks! That's helpful!

  30. Katrina gaming4563

    Love your passion. Great job, cheers from Australia 😀

  31. KingSepTo

    Me: How often should I use Soapy Wooder to clean things on my car? Chris: Yes.

  32. Cristina Ocampo

    Yeahhh..... Nevermind. I'm good with half the dash lights not working lol

  33. Cooldude Youtube

    Maybe black for the colour but i dont know a specific spoiler but you could add a bigger and a more dynamic one

  34. Andrew Jackson

    NEVER bang on the threaded stud like that. Bang on the side of the knuckle holding the tie rod end in. I hit on the threads just a little bit with the castle nut on and ruined the threads on it. They're real stripped now. I wasn't even trying to change a tie rod end but now I have to.

  35. Traditional LivesMatter

    I hate my car and I never clean it.

  36. H4f1z NFS

    Cant wait for the video where you paint the del soul

  37. Just Me

    Please someone correct me if I’m wrong 🙏,can you just cut the wires from the Killswitch and connect them back without even knowing where the Killswitch is at and start the car ?

  38. Billy Duck

    Did they vandalise the interior

  39. Alex Chester Balmocena

    I see some uses gear oil on transfer case some use automatic transmission fluid

  40. Cristina Ocampo

    I like to learn the process of car repairs just in case I need them. Then i decide if it's worth paying someone to do or if I can do them. These videos are amazing. Thank you.

  41. EyesInTheDark1

    It was obvious the wheel bearing was bad after 2 different mechanics had looked at it to replace struts, tie rod ends, lower control arms, strut rods, and they still never caught the bad bearings. Besides, it was at 180,000 and they should have known it was time.

  42. Abdulhmam Alkowary

    chirs buy a honda crv 2004 and fix it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. Cody Wright

    8:03 you can really see the Mondeo underpinnings and body structure here. Extremely similar door cutouts. Interesting!

  44. Boogie Boy

    Man... that's awesome very clean thanks for the idea man👍🥂

  45. HYDRA

    My dream car tesla model x

  46. Tyge Wellman

    At 10:00 you can also clean the whole entire fan assembly in a hot shower. Yes, take it in your house and wash it in the shower so the hot water can clean out all the old gummy stuff. Then when you're done, lubricate that metal rod that runs through the fan and pops out the other side of the motor, with liquid silicone lubricant. Spin it for a while to get it all up inside, then let it dry while you do the rest of your battery work. 💪🤠👍🇺🇲

  47. YOUNES XPower

    Chris I have a coreen chevrolet sparck lite 2012 without airbags can i install one in the steeling wheel at home or no ? If you can make a video about that

  48. A Guy That Comments E On Every Video He Finds

    hidraulic E brake

  49. mouth high

    This video is extremely well done; however, as a professional ASE Master Technician, I am very concerned that people weren't cautioned about the potential risks of handling these very high voltage batteries. I was especially concerned @ 12:00 min mark where you did not verify a proper disconnect, using a voltage meter, before touching the terminals. Professionals wear "High Voltage" gloves (same a utility workers) and use a class III volt meter to verify disconnect before proceeding. I admit that the chances of an accidental electrocution are low, but the voltage/amperage potentials should not be ignored and the proper testing @ 12:00 minute mark could prevent someone from getting seriously injured or worse. Except for the safety concern, I want to complement you on an excellent video.

  50. ApocalypseBear

    Congrats man. Being in a position to buy your loved ones such wonderful gifts, of course you know how incredible that is, I am happy for you and I wish I could be in your position and be able to pay back my parents as well. My Dad's dream car would probably be a 72 Camaro in good shape, as that was his first car and he speaks about it sometimes, but as it stands I can hardly afford my own old truck. 1994 Mazda B4000 with half a million kms on it and she runs great! :)

  51. mouth high

    It's so infuriating to see that a paid mechanic just starts replacing perfectly fine and expensive things instead of diagnosing the problem. This is something so basic that the mechanic who did this should be fired and his diploma should be revoked immediately.

  52. Disasters In Victoria

    Great work until you got to the ground on the bare metal. I thought that was a bit below your usual high standard. The wire under the nut could fail. A connection like you put on the positive of the battery may be better.

  53. Sisi Kakok


  54. isaac

    Bro the lights

  55. Ander Tan Bo Yu

    Chris fix i know saabkyle04

  56. Sandeep Thakur

    I big fan from India 😃😃😃😃

  57. Anthony Shahbazian

    Here for the flex seal

  58. M P

    Chris one video a month? Cmonnnnn man

  59. M P

    Chris can you post more man cmon

  60. David Gonzalez dagn

    Why does the show in the front it's a Honda Logo and then after when you show it it's a Toyota logo Honda log 1:05 Toyota logo 1:08

  61. Fahad Yasin

    Is it just me or does Chris sound like a New Yorker but nicer

  62. simplelangperorock

    therefore, fart is the main culprit seat destroyer!

  63. Gdjnx Gdk

    Too bad service manuals nowadays instead of giving u information, they say, 'go to your nearest authorized dealer' as the answer to all the issues

  64. Luke Mariano

    I can never tell if he is actually talking or doing a voice over, I think he does a voice over after he records🤷‍♂️

  65. Oscar Gomez

    All I have to say Chris is what an expensive piece of junk . Why not just make solar cars or is that to much.

  66. Daniel Rodriguez

    Thanks I just change my starter on my 92 ranger.

  67. townhall05446

    I'm not as worried about carbon buildup as I am the fuel injectors getting stuck or plugged. Maybe you can do a test with a vehicle not running and likely to have injector problems.

  68. dr troy turner

    I only wish Shaving Cream and Potato switched places on window. The larger spot for Shaving Cream makes it look like a testing bias. Also we believe the results, but a scenic would say it looks like the top portion of the window is resistant to fogging. A non foggy, foggy then a non foggy between two foggies would've been so impressive, almost magical.

  69. abdulhameed alawadhi

    my dream car is a bugatti :D

  70. dr troy turner

    "We'll tape off the window to test each product." I keep listening, but give a thumbs up.

  71. Tottzy


  72. jcast327

    if they find the switch its over man! however it will delay their escape. Its better than nothing!

  73. Aakash 9B

    Since 2013-2020 never stopped enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  74. Kenneth Ocila

    This fella is super good in all his videos Great Job Chris You should open up a school You are a natural born teacher Even my 12 year old can do everything you teach Good video presentation

  75. Project Truck_build

    Oh boy, thanks for sourcing my issue lolz fml

  76. Nagulan Nathan

    spent 6 hours , 1 of which to remove one of the four hub bolts, and then 4.5 trying to get the wheel bearing assembly off the vehicle cuz of rust. Ended up rupturing a brake line and my brothers van is going to the shop tomorrow....

  77. Chase

    What is an event like this called, and is it just run at this track or nationwide? I don’t live in NJ and I was wondering if there was any near me

  78. Адриан Иванов

    Can i Just add another shifter that is stock again if i watch the video is there a diffrence between adding a stock or a short throw shifter. My car is a bmw e36 1.8is and the problem is that when i shift between gears it feels kinda worn out and loose. Just wanna change it with a stock one.

  79. ceeb2 thoj

    0:47 But the battery is clean

  80. Taylor Goldstone-Perez

    I know you put the link in the description for the ramp but I’m not finding it when I click that link. Do you happen to know the name of the ramp in the video or perhaps another one that you recommend? Thank you.